Wearable Computers

It seems there is a new trend that is sweeping the planet that will be changing the course of history as we know it.  Wearable computers!  I saw something like this many years ago on TED and it seems now it is becoming a reality.

There are rumors of a new iWatch coming from Apple Inc that evidently will monitor your health and allow you to use that information to track your overall exercise activities over time.  I wonder what sort of implications this could have on the medical industry?



And of course there is the brand new Google glass that is getting a lot of press these days.  There has already been a law passed in Virginia that you cannot wear the glasses while driving and the the device isn’t even available yet… who said the legal system was slow?  There are some obvious business establishments that have issued a ban for the devices such as Casinos and bars.

Google is trying to make it difficult for someone else to use your glasses such that the device stops working if it is not in the possession of its original owner… I think they are too late because the device has already be hacked using commonly available android exploits.  I saw a post recently from Jay Freeman that he has officially bypassed the android security.  He has a great name, but a totally different guy.

Wearable computers isn’t really a new concept but what is new is the streamlined approach that they take.  It seems that very little training is required to use these devices and they are incredible useful.  I think a lot of uses for these devices can be made that are possibly not the real intention of the inventors.  Virginia banned them while driving but I am thinking they could be made to enhance the driving experience.  The computer could, for example, detect nearby dangers or point out when you are driving poorly.  As camera’s get more powerful they could be used to augment your vision and provide a whole new way to view things.  Combine that technology with applications like google goggles (free object recognition software) and you could be walking around and seeing things you would never have noticed before.

Cool stuff.  I would love to have one.  For now I will just duct tape my phone to a stick and strap it to a helmet.