Technical Buzzwords

As an active Technical Architect I encounter and (sadly) use a lot of buzzwords. Although the buzzwords are not technical in nature it would seem that my clients and colleagues just love hearing them. I don’t know what it is about the buzzwords that makes things easier for them to understand; actually I almost think it does the opposite of helping people understand. It certainly does help me sell the idea though.

Here’s a list of my favourites:

  • Verticals
  • Initiative
  • Alignment (with business / IT / HR / or other buzzwords :))
  • PKI (more of a technical term but it seems to get thrown around a lot these days)
  • _________ model (substitute your favorite word … some examples include: RBAC, security, delegation)
  • Cross Authority
  • Key Indicators (KPI, kind of like PKI above only different lol)
  • Silos
  • The Cloud
  • Holistic
  • Virtual
  • Sustainment
  • Strategic

The best part of the buzzwords is that you can string them together like, “A strategic decision was made with substance that aligns various business and IT verticals to achieve an overall holistic view.” Damn… I sound smart; too bad I didn’t actually state anything.

Well, I’ll be adding these buzzwords throughout my writing, so keep your eyes peeled!