My favorite ssh client

Writing this note today to mention my favorite ssh client for windows.  My unix admin duties have required me to use ssh for years and I have tried many clients including puTTy, kiTTy, ZOC and secureCRT.

I have various problems with the mentioned clients as they don’t all meet my requirements.

My ssh client must:

  • save credentials (not just keys although that is a good practice)
  • save sessions
  • have a tabbed view
  • handle editors nicely with color including nano and vi
  • allow one click or command line access
  • integrate into windows nicely
  • allow me to transfer files in and out over the same connection

I presently don’t use my ssh client for proxy type connections although I suppose that is a valid reason for many.

After many years I found Xshell from NetSarang (  It meets all of my requirements and comes with a 30 day eval or full school/home license.

xshell 4