Moving Day

Well… I moved again.  I feel like I move all of the time even though I stayed at the last place for 2 years.  This time the family and I have landed in beautiful Palo Alto, California.  We feel very grateful for the place that we get to live in and I am especially grateful for all of the mature fruit trees on the property.  Plums, loquats, herbs, cherries and more!

The best part is the screaming fast Internet speed. By today’s standards it is not really that fast but here in the Silicon valley you don’t always get the best Internet connection.  I think it has something to do with all of the original equipment around.  You would think with companies like Google, Cisco and Facebook around that they would cough up the dough to upgrade everything and make it a showcase of what it could be like._DSC0467

These days I am working on improving our queue management system and tuning databases.  More to come on that when I get through it.