Eclipse IDE is meh.

I’ve been using the Eclipse IDE for a bit now working on some android development projects.  I find the interface okay to use; the auto complete features are not nearly as good as what you get in .net studio which I find a fair comparison since they are both free.

What I don’t like is how amazingly slow it is testing my honeycomb (3.1) apps within the IDE.  I have 4 GB RAM on a core 2 duo and the test system still takes 5 minutes to provision and install.  I’m not sure if the slowness is just the JRE which is probably the case.  Java has never really been a great experience for me in windows.

Not many choices, either beef up the development environment or give up on android development.  I would rather not give up so I guess I will just put up with what I have until one of my apps pays me enough to upgrade ;).

Happy coding…