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UI Benchmarking

Hey, haven’t been posting much lately.  Gotta get on that.

I have been thinking a lot about how to measure the user experience based on different scenarios. I feel this is useful when comparing different situations.  Most of it has to do with the capabilities of the device you are on relative to where you are and what you are doing.

Windows is the predominant OS used in businesses worldwide to handle day to day operations.  I want to measure an applications ability to perform in different scenarios and on different hardware, virtual configurations etc.

THX NM for putting me on to FRAPPS.  The FRAPS utility comes from the gaming community and it allows you to benchmark, record a video, take screenshots although I find other utilities better for most of those things it is free and another way to benchmark a PC.

Keep it under FRAPS.  I have found that FRAPS is a bit buggy or maybe I don’t know how to use it properly but it would startup and show my FPS rating in a little black box.  The tool would start a little timer thingy in the corner. I would start the benchmark capture and it would change to a green color. I could see the if you wanted a visual real time tool to show you what sort of performance the machine is running at that FRAPS does the job. But when I tried to capture benchmarking results with it the tool crashed or wouldn’t capture. I did get it to capture once and it dumped out a bunch of 1k CSV files before stopping. Back to the drawing board.

I could use resource monitor and procexp/procmon to watch a process but it doesn’t really help when measuring how long it takes for data to refresh. The tools don’t really help for measuring the experience of loading an image within an citrix application/remote desktop over a long distance.



No news is good news

Its been busy with me but I’m still having a blast.  New roles, new family, new experiences.       1MB is working on more new tech for the world to consume.  We have already built a  software integration suite that integrates various ecommerce channels and advertising mediums but we haven’t stopped there.  New features and releases happen daily. I am looking forward to releasing some updated versions of our project management and time keeping software.  We are also working on building new selling channels for our clients and look forward to another solid release by 1MB.  Last month we completed a new statistics module that plugs into our software and can be used to identify trends, deficiencies as well as be used for monitoring.  By looking at techniques to optimize the software we were able to come up with a fantastic tool that can be used for other purposes.