Hey, have you heard of animoto?  I tried it today. I found it easy to use and fairly powerful.  Anybody can use it to create a free 30 second video.  Here’s the one I made: 1MB Corporation

Pretty easy to use and gives me a chance to try the video features of WordPress.  When you visit this site for the first time, you don’t see all of the little customizations that you go through when you set up the word press software.  So far, I still like it; although it would have been nicer to <EMBED> the video instead.  I guess that’s what the HTML button is for?

Oh yeah, and here’s the link to animoto.

So I was not really impressed with the wordpress video inserting.  I added the JetPack feature and hooked this site up to wordpress; apparently that lets me embed youtube videos directly inline.  Lets see:

…well isn’t that nifty. That one is much easier to read.