iVendere 2.0

1MB is very pleased to announce that we are in the final testing and release stages of iVendere 2.0.

What is ivendere? iVendere is an easy to use multi-channel selling platform like no other.  It aggregates listings across many selling channels to maximize your profits and keep track of everything so that you don’t have to.

We are about to release the next version of the platform that integrates remote updating technology with our continuous release engine to produce a system that is not only stable but stays up to date for the client so that the they can focus on one thing, sales.


The entire system has been overhauled and can now scale to about 10 times the size.  1MB has been with the iVendere project from the beginning and we quickly learned that this is going to be a big thing.

The release will occur in December and enable 1MB to release software features more rapidly than any other eCommerce company in the world on such a scale.  The best thing is that the end user doesn’t have to do anything… all they do is sit back and collect their profits.

In a couple of short years the project has scaled to millions of dollars of sales per month with only a few employees.  If you would like to know more about the project or are interested in becoming a client please contact us at your leisure and we will be happy get you up in running quickly.  For more information please review the main site at http://www.ivendere.com