Custom Schema Updater

1MB Corporation has created a custom e-commerce updating and deploying technology using something called a schema updater.  What we have done is create a portable website that will automatically deploy on another web server.  It works very much like a one click installation such that you supply a database, a web folder and upload a few setup files.

Once the site is created we send some data and files over to the remote site including html templates, css, images, categories, shipping, navigation and products.  Automatically creating a web site so that you can start selling instantly.

You might think to yourself that is pretty great and it is.  What makes it special is the ability we have to heal our software with updates. We essentially run a master preview copy on the main web server and can test all of the previously deployed websites against the latest version of the software.  Whenever we add a new feature or fix a bug we are able to push that update to all of the remote websites at once.  Self healing and updating updates means that our clients don’t have to do that “technical stuff” since we do it for them.

schemaTo make it all work we built an interface that looks at the preview copy and selectively grabs tables and files from the preview, adds some stuff and packages everything into what we call a schema.  Using our custom deployment software we can rebuild a large 1000 item website in minutes and upgrade it in seconds.

Imagine how great it is to purchase a website from us that gets better over time.  We are constantly adding features for everybody to use including marketing to social media, video support, automatic site maps and dynamic navigation.  If we ever make a mistake we just downgrade to the older version of the software and everything continues.

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