Sears Marketplace Integration

1MB Corporation has completed Sears Marketplace integration with the iVendere software suite.  This is just another channel to the already growing list including eBay, eCommerce, Google to name a few.


The idea behind the software is that you put your inventory into the system and it will be pushed out to the Internet for you across many different web sites and marketing engines.  The result are easy sales that are tracked and ease of mind while your inventory is kept up to date at all locations.

For more information check out the iVendere web site at


WP Child Themes

I figured out how to make child themes for wordpress.  For the longest time I didn’t know they existed.  What it allows you to do is take and existing theme and customize it to your liking (like removing the comments block at the bottom of the pages).  When the parent theme gets updated you don’t lose all of your modifications and everything continues to work.

It is fairly easy to do. Just create a fold in the themes folder and create a style.css file with a specific header referencing the parent theme.  Any changes you make to the style.css will overwrite the parent styles.  To update files just copy them to the folder and make your changes.