WordPress for Android


I’m writing this entry using wordpress for android on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.  It seems ok to use but without an external keyboard i cannot see myself getting anywhere near my normal typomatic rate.

I used the tab camera to take a picture from the office. Its a pretty nice day in Vancouver.


Now Offering Dedicated Servers

Does your web site demand a little bit better performance; we offer dedicated server hosting at unbelievable prices.  For only $320.00 per month you can get a 6 core server with 8GB of RAM and 2 x 500GB SATA HARD DRIVES.   


Dedicated servers are ideal for hosting a large store or a managing a medium sized business.  Other plans are available.

1MB Corporation is now offering dedicated servers as part of our hosting offerings.  The servers are monitored and come complete with support and patching.  Many options are available.  Check out http://www.rtihosting.net/?lang=en&action=dedicated-servers for more information and pricing.


1MB Corporation is Now Offering VPS Hosting Solutions

1MB is now offering VPS [Virtual Private Server] solutions for only $30.00 / month.  Our VPS web server accounts are intended for advanced users who need to manage their own private server but are not yet ready to move to a dedicated hosting solution due to the high maintenance costs. VPS servers are based on an innovative virtualization technology, allowing for each VPS user to be completely independent from the others on the same machine. This unique technology brings you generous amounts of RAM memory, CPU and network resources, which you can make use of at any given moment.

The 1MB Corporation Basic VPS Package Includes:
Help No Set-up Fee
Help 1-hour Account Activation
Help 99.9 % Service Uptime Guarantee
Help 24/7 Support For Pre-installed Software
Help Weekly OS Patching/Updates/Reboots
Help Monthly Price C$30.00/mo
Help Data Storage 10000 MB
Help Data Transfer 200 GB
Help Guaranteed RAM 256 MB
Help CPU Share proportional
Help Dedicated IP Address 1

Set up your Virtual Private Server now and enjoy the freedom to set up and manage your own hosting environment. With a VPS at hand you will be a virtual master of your own server and will be able to install any necessary software without needing to comply with the other users on the machine. With your VPS hosting plan you get a generous set of CPU, RAM memory and network resources, which you will be able to take advantage of at any time. All that is coming to you at a reasonable monthly price!

Check out http://www.rtihosting.net/?lang=en&action=vps-hosting for more details.


Another integration completed

1MB Corporation has completed another successful integration.  The integration was between Ivendere  (http://www.ivendere.com) and Copious (http://www.copious.com).

Copious (beta) is a new company that is using social networking to provide a new way to create a trusted fabric of sellers and buyers.  Ivendere is a multi-channel selling platform designed to link multiple selling venues together and track sales/shipping/inventory from a single view. 


The integration project involved feeding data between the two companies allowing both parties to benefit from added sales.  We are pleased to report that the integration was completed on time and on budget and everybody seems to be quite pleased with the result.

Integrating systems is one of the many services that 1MB Corporation offers.  We use a variety of tools to link systems together.  Consider all of the benefits of having your online store inventory reflected correctly with your warehouse inventory.  Or perhaps you have sales data stored in your accounting system that you need integrated with your intranet site. Another scenario could be your HR system and Active Directory are separate repositories that cause your organization the grief of having to remember two accounts for all of your users.  Whatever your scenario is, we can help; we have the tools and the experience to get you to where you want to be.

Smart. Quality. Simple.

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