Shop Builder

Want to build an online store?  1MB has developed a fantastic website engine that is designed to put your retail store online.  Setting up an online store can be a lot of work.  The choices that are out there and are ‘free’ require a lot of configuration and understanding to setup.  We will do all of that for you.  Maybe you have a unique situation; we can automate a product feed from your existing system.

Have a look at our demo shop.  This is a wonderful demonstration of what 1MB software can do.  There is total control over what everything looks like; we will set it up for you quickly and to your liking.

View the live demo here:

What better way to sell shopbuilder than to use it to build an online store. You can view the shopbuilder online shop here, pricing is on the home page:

Shopbuilder has a ton of features and was designed to make your life easier.  It is easy to operate and it will work nicely to build your own online store.  Additional demos are available.



1MB V2.0

Finally finished the design updates for our corporate site  I think it looks pretty good.

I’ve been doing a lot of testing with it to make sure it works in every browser.  Its taking some tweaking here an there but overall it seems to work on everything from an iphone/android phone to my wii on the 55″ television.  The back end got an overhaul too; nice new subnavigation and more real estate and the newer themed versions of our modular library.  So far everything is working great.

Check out the site today; send us an email if you have any comments.

Email: info at