1MB Corporation Continues To Grow

Over the past couple of years, my company, the 1MB Corporation has made great strides in development and consulting services.  As a newly formed company we spent a lot of time consolidating our services in the areas of web hosting, programming libraries and support.  This has enabled us to provide severely reduced costs in development, procurement and ongoing sustainment.

One of our major accomplishments was consolidating and updating our PHP library to be in a modular (reusable) format.  We have a very robust user management and security system that has been put to the test time and time again; evidently it scales nicely!  Some key areas of development have been in the areas of clean reusable user interfaces, file management, advertising, SEO, navigation, HTML templates, sales management, security management, accounting integration, image management and MANY more!  Needless to say we are excited about our offerings to any sized business large or small.

We continue to stay focussed with our overall company vision, “Smart. Quality. Simple.”  The future is looking great for us; for more information check back at http://1mb.ca.